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Heart -Bad Animals MC


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Dutch pressed music cassette. Clear cassette with grey text.

Switching from Epic to Capitol with 1985’s Heart proved to be a wise move for the Wilson sisters, who experienced a major resurgence in popularity and gained many new followers. Heart’s arena rock sound had become even glossier, and the band was selling more albums than ever. But for all its production gloss (courtesy of Ron Nevison) and pop slickness, Bad Animals comes across as sincere rather than formulaic or cynical. From the rockers ‘You Aint Too Tough’ and ‘Easy Target’ to the power ballads ‘Alone’ and ‘Wait For An Answer’, all of the songs are quite memorable. The folk elements and acoustic leanings that characterized many of Heart’s early ballads were long gone, and the Wilson sisters keep the volume high but slow the tempo.

Track list:
1. Who Will You Run To
2. Alone
3. Theres The Girl
4. I Want You So Bad
5. Wait For An Answer
6. Bad Animals
7. You Aint So Tough
8. Strangers Of The Heart
9. Easy Target
10. R.S.V.P.

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