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Heart Healer ‎–The Metal Opera dlp [gold]


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Double album on gold vinyls with gatefold cover

Heart Healer is a The Metal Opera written by Magnus Karlsson and its epic in scope and execution and features seven stunning singers: Adrienne Cowan (Seven Spires, Sascha Paeth’s Masters Of Ceremony, Avantasia), Ailyn (Her Chariot Awaits ex-Sirenia), Netta Laurenne (Smackbound, Laurenne/Louhimo), Youmna Jreissati (Ostura), Noora Louhimo (Battle Beast), Margarita Monet (Edge Of Paradise), and Anette Olzon (The Dark Element, ex-Nightwish). Fans of any of these bands should check this out as well fans of similar projects such as Avantasia etc

Track list:
1. Awake
2. Come Out Of The Shadows
3. Who Can Stand All Alone
4. Back To Life
5. Into The Unknown
6. When The Fire Burns Out
7. Evils Around The Corner
8. Mesmerized
9. Weaker
10. This Is Not The End

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