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Heavenly (Gamma Ray) – Coming From The Sky


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Usually, when a promising Power metal band reaches the time to record their first full-length album they head toward Germany. The French combo Heavenly did the same in 2000 with the help of several experienced guys such as Piet Sielck [guitars, famous producer, also front man of Iron Savior], Kai Hansen [guitars, vocals, Gamma Ray, ex-Helloween and too many other projects!], Jan Eckert [bass, backing vocals, Iron Savior and Masterplan] and Thomas Nack [drums, also Iron Savior]. The band itself was then composed by Benjamin Ben Sotto [vocals], Maxence Max Pilo [drums], Laurent Jean [guitars] and Christophe Chris Savourey [keyboards]. The result of that cooperation is called ‘Coming From The Sky’ and is overall an honest release. The track ‘Time Machine’ features Kai Hansen on vocals and it sounds like a track that very much could be on a Gamma Ray album. The complete album is an enjoyable listen and the band managed to record quality songs such as 'Riding Through Hell', 'My Turn Will Come' or 'Million Ways'. Track Listing 1. Coming From The Sky 2. Carry Your Heart 3. Riding Through Hell 4. Time Machine 5. Number One 6. Our Only Chance 7. Fairy Tale 8. My Turn Will Come 9. Until I Die 10. Million Ways

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