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Heavenly – Sign Of The Winner


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‘Keeper Of The Seven Keys, Part ?’, well it could have been. Heavenly definitely tried to create a new part of these classics. Their debut ‘Coming From The Sky’ had been one of the most successful debuts in the history of their label Noise/T&T, despite the originality-factor approaching almost zero. Now they are bringing us their second effort in ‘Sign Of The Winner’ and this one also can convince instrumentally and in the arrangement-department, with a good production thanks to Tommy Hansen. The French quintet offers us catchy, dynamic and quite variably arranged songs, which are following the same path of the debut, broadly arranged, partly fast Power Metal of the European school, with quite high vocals and some symphonic elements. But there still is the problem of originality, which still cannot be found in abundance, some passages could not only vocally, but completely have been on the ‘Keeper’-albums and other parts also are beyond the status of influence, which, with all quality, is a minus in the book of this album. Well the whole power metal genre is built upon bands that want to sound like the first two ‘Keeper’ albums and this is great power metal but nothing will probably ever beat the two Keeper-classics. Track listing: 1. Break The Silence 2. Destiny 3. Sign Of The Winner 4. The World Will Be Better 5. Condemned To Die 6. The Angel 7. Still Believe 8. The Sandman 9. Words Of Change 10. Until The End

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