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Heavens Gate – Boxed


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Box set with In control,In the Mood, Open the gate and watch and More hysteria cd/cds. Track Listing: 1. The Gate 2. In Control 3. Turn It Down 4. Surrender 5. Hot Fever 6. Tyrants 7. Paths Of Glory 8. Shadows 9. This Flight Tonight 10. Open The Gate And Watch! 11. Touch The Light 12. Dancin' On A Rope 13. Rock On 14. Pictures In The Mirror 15. Cry It Out 16. Thin, Fake & Bold 17. Metal Hymn 18. Sidewalk Sinner 19. Best Days Of My Life 20. Rising Sun 21. Noah's Dream 22. Planet Earth 23. The Children Play 24. In The Mood 25. Medley 26. Don't Bring Me Down

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