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Heavens Gate – Hell For Sale


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Heavens Gate are German power metal but not one among the many hordes of power metal bands that would arrive in the late 90s. Heavens Gate was actually there and shaped the genre. Their 1991 album �Livin In Hysteria� should be in any serious European power metal collection. Their follow up album �Hell For Sale�, released in 1992, has everything anyone could ever want in a power metal release; screaming vocals, crunchy guitars, fast licks, double bass, and plenty of melody. The album starts off with a fast, chunky track titled �Under Fire� that sets the mood for the entire album. Had a band like Primal Fear or Gamma Ray recorded this, it would be considered a metal classic. However, being that Heavens Gate aren't as well know worldwide as those bands, it is relegated to us underground die-hards. The title track is equally vicious with a gang chorus and some screaming vocals from Thomas Rettke. The lead breaks are pretty cool in the song as well. �Hes the Man� brings the speed down some. This song has a slight Queen vibe to it, especially in the layered vocals, but also reminds me of Helloween with their big epic, sing along feel. The majority of the tracks here have this sort of feel. "Up An' Down" is a boogie rocker with a fun solo break in the middle. This song sort of reminds me of some of the heavier L.A. bands from the 80's. "Don't Bring Me Down" is the obligatory ballad. One other track worth mentioning is "America", a mid-paced romp that takes issues with America. America bashing is nothing new; it's been going on for decades. The album finishes off with the Monty Python cover �Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life�. First written as a joke and probably recorded hear as a joke too its still one of those songs that always makes me smile, partly because of the lyrics and partly because of the silliness of the delivery. �Hell For Sale!� is a solid European power metal album. It's really a shame that Heavens Gate didn't gain a wider audience. The certainly deserved it. Track listing: 1. Under Fire 2. Hell For Sale 3. Hes The Man 4. America 5. Atomic 6. Rising Sun 7. No Matter 8. Up An Down 9. Dont Bring Me Down 10. White Evil 11. Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life-Monty Python cover

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