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Heavens Gate -Menergy cd


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Menergy is the fifth and last album before the band split up. On this album the Wolfsburg-quintet sounds a bit different, yet still familiar. It might seem a little strange that this group try to find a new sound at the same time as the power metal wave are on its highest level. Half of the tracks on this concept-album could have stood on any of the more recent albums without any problems, the other half, however, sounds a lot more modern than the old Heavens Gate. Tracks like Worldmachine or Dreamland are among the forerunners of these modern rhythms and melody-lines, but still you recognize the band behind it as Heavens Gate, mainly thanks to the vocals of Thomas Rettke, still the trademark of the band. But also the songs that still bear the roots of the past, especially Mastermind and the title-track, sound more mature, most so in the chorus that doesnt bear the happy sing-along-melodies anymore. If you adore Livin In Hysteria and have problems with Menergy then give it a few more runs as it opens up. So give the band, the album the time it needs, because the musical substance is too good

Track listing:
1. Teleshoot
2. Worldmachine
3. Teleshoot
4. Mastermind
5. Teleshoot
6. Menergy
7. Teleshoot
8. Enter: Eternity
9. Teleshoot
10. Breakin Loose
11. Teleshoot
12. Dreamland
13. Teleshoot
14. Looking Back
15. Teleshoot
16. Evolution
17. Teleshoot
18. On My Knees
19. Teleshoot
20. Dreamer-Believer
21. Teleshoot
22. Glass People
23. Teleshoot

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