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1991 release on LaserLight Digital Records

Often hailed as Sweden’s first heavy metal band and one of the most important ones, Heavy Load was founded in Stockholm, in 1976, by brothers Ragne (vocals/guitar) and Styrbjörn Wahlquist (drums/vocals). After they the first album the started their own Thunderload Records. With two new members in the group they recorded the ‘Metal Conquest’ ep and then this second full length album ‘Death Or Glory’. The band used an image that fitted the music and the country they came from ‘Land of the vikings’. Epic heavy metal with a Nwobhm sound. This 1991 LaserLight release features 10 of the 11 tracks from the Death Or Glory album with a new cover artwork

Track list:
1. Heavy Metal Angels (In Metal And Leather)
2. Might For Right
3. Something New
4. Bleeding Streets
5. Still There Is Time
6. Traveller
7. Little Lies
8. Daybreak Esctacy
9. Take Me Away
10. Trespasser

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