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Heavy Load -Stronger Than Evil cd


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2018 re-issue with 6 bonus tracks and a 32 page booklet

Often hailed as Sweden’s first heavy metal band and one of the most important ones, Heavy Load was founded in Stockholm, in 1976, by brothers Ragne (vocals/guitar) and Styrbjorn Wahlquist (drums/vocals). After they the first album the started their own Thunderload Records. With two new members in the group they recorded the Metal Conquest ep and the full length album Death Or Glory before the third and final album Stronger Than Evil that were released in October of 1983. The band had improved over the years and Stronger Than Evil was their finest moment, to bad it would be their last album. The album starts with the song Run With The Devil, a quite fast anthem with standard heavy metal riffs and some emotional vocals. This is probably their most known songs nowadays thanks to Hammerfall that recorded a cover version of it. The second track The King has a more mid-tempo structure and so it continues some fast and some slow songs, all with very catchy melodies and great refrains. Then it´s time for the grand finale: the mighty Viking-tune Roar Of The North, the slowest song on the album, and sure the most epic one. This is epic heavy metal with a Nwobhm sound. Phil Lynott (Thin Lizzy) on bass on Free.

Track list:
1. Run With The Devil
2. The King
3. Singing Swords
4. Dreaming
5. Stronger Than Evil
6. Free
7. Saturday Night
8. Roar Of The North
9. I Am Me
10. Air Raid
11. Lionheart
12. Im Alive
13. Day Of Dream
14. Sleipnir Unleashed

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