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Heimdall – Hard As Iron


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Epic power metal act from Salerno in Italy. The band was founded in 1994 by the brothers Fabio (rhythm guitar) and Nicolas Calluori (drums). They recorded one eponymous demo before they signed a record contract. Their fourth album ‘Hard As Iron’ was released in 2004. An album that is relatively accessible, but still extremely wide-ranging modern metal and an expertly crafted album. Diverse but focused, inventive yet faithful to metal's basic tenets, ‘Hard As Iron’ definitely touches upon the aforementioned power metal template, but refuses to get lost in the pedantic speed metal rhythms, operatic vocals and basic melodies bogging down the genre. Instead, standout offerings like ‘Black Tower’, ‘The Emperor’ and the title track mix and match both faster and mid-paced tempos, jagged guitar riffs and carefully chosen supporting synths, and forceful, but still restrained lead and background gang-choruses. Driving force Fabio Calluori adds much welcome color with his ever-handy acoustic guitar, and, despite his unfortunate nom de guerre, lead guitarist Carmelo Claps is one of those rare, innately inspired stylists capable of unleashing solo after distinctive solo with seemingly effortless ease. Track listing: 1. Hard As Iron 2. Midnight 3. Moon Red Light 4. Black Tower 5. Cold 6. The Emperor 7. Dark Home 8. Black Heaven 9. Holy Night 10. Hollow Planet

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