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Heimdall – Lord Of The Sky


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Epic power metal act from Salerno in Italy. The band was founded in 1994 by the brothers Fabio (rhythm guitar) and Nicolas Calluori (drums). They recorded one eponymous demo. This was enough to draw the interest of Elevate Records, which promptly issued the band's 1998 full-length debut album, Lord Of The Sky. Fantasy lyrics of warriors, gods, lands of ancient stones and so makes it easy to put them into the same category as Blind Guardian and this is very much what they sound like too. Huge, over the top song structures, complete with choir, narration and the like. There are the complimentary speed runs, double bass, etc, and the galloping sounds of the true metal bands from the past and some from the present. This band has the right idea, but they come up short in a few areas, starting with the vocals. The singer is clearly overpowered by the music, not to mention a bit shy in the range dept. The vocals would improve over later albums. The album is a great concept album divided into two parts with a story that is easy to follow and comprehend so for you who want a magical journey into battle, get out the gloves of steel and shine up the sword and ride on. Track listing: Prologue: 1. Galvor 2. Canticle Of Heimdall 3. Lord Of The Sky 4. Bifrost 5. The Island Of Ancient Stone 6. Under The Silent Moon Dark Age: 7. Fall Of The Bridge 8. Warriors Of Many Ages Past 9. The Challenge 10. Sunset 11. Epilogue

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