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Heimdall -The Almighty cd


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Epic power metal act from Salerno in Italy. The band was founded in 1994 by the brothers Fabio (rhythm guitar) and Nicolas Calluori (drums). They recorded one eponymous demo before they signed a record contract. Their third album The Almighty was the first one with the new vocalist, Giacomo Mercaldo which possesses a clear and rich mid range voice. His level of restraint and control is remarkable: abstaining from hitting the high notes, and despite singing in an emotional manner, avoids histrionics. This is quite rare for this genre, and a welcome change. He is a vast improvement over his predecessor, and I found his vocals quite unique and enjoyable. Fundamentally, this is a rhythmic album, featuring heavy guitars, lots of riffs, and frequent double-bass drumming. The album mostly ranges from mid to up tempo, but isnt particularly fast and the album presents a somber. This is a fairly unique, enjoyable album that forsakes most conventions of contemporary power metal, and is destined to be overlooked and forgotten. It is not readily accessible and may require several listens to fully appreciate it. If you have only heard material from their first two releases and disliked them, then I urge you to give them a second chance and investigate this album. Also, if you are a fan of dark, riff-orientated power metal or are looking for something that offers a change in pace in a supersaturated genre, then this album is worth checking out. This is the new and improved Heimdall

Track listing:
1. The Calling
2. The Search
3. Eternal Race
4. Godhall
5. Wanderer
6. Return To The Fatherland
7. Last Journey
8. Beyond
9. Symit

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