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Hellbutcher -S/t lp [splatter]


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PRE-order item. Release date 31st of May

Blood stained ice splatter vinyl with gatefold cover. Limited 300 copies

From the depths of the black metal underground, comes one of its most elite figures with a new band and an even more evil attitude. As frontman of legendary Swedish maniacs Nifelheim, Hellbutcher upheld the bad name of real black metal with an iron fist. Now, with this eponymous new band, the frenzied mission continues: nothing less than total metal mania will do. Following the end of Nifelheim, who played their final show in late 2022, Hellbutcher himself wasted no time in forging forward. I realized I needed to create my own band to uphold the true spirit of metal. I was incredibly inspired. Teaming up with old compadres in evil, guitarists Necrophiliac (also of Mordant) and Iron Beast, bassist Eld, and drummer Devastator (ex-Nifelheim), Hellbutcher quickly set about bringing this vision to life. In a short time, they had amassed enough material to record their raging, hellish, self-titled debut album. Recording in various locations around Sweden, such as Devastator’s own Red And Black Hall Drum Studio and Iron Beast’s Chrome Studios, and producing and mastering everything themselves – No need for an outside producer since we knew exactly how our band should sound. – it is a record that stands proud and unambiguous as a work or pure, metallic mayhem. From the album’s opener and first single, the crazed The Sword Of Wrath, Hellbutchers intent is loud and clear: Channeling the spirit of Venom, Bathory, Iron Maiden, Exciter, Motörhead, Mercyful Fate, and the aggressive spirit of true heavy metal. It’s an explosion of diabolic evil, performed mercilessly by true masters of the form. The song’s lyrics are somewhat metaphorical, inspired by my decision to continue the path I started decades ago with Nifelheim., says Hellbutcher. Time to turn the cross upside down: Hellbutcher is here, and they mean evil business.

Track list:
1. The Sword Of Wrath
2. Perdition
3. Violent Destruction
4. Hordes Of The Horned God
5. Deaths Rider
6. Possessed By The Devils Flames
7. Satans Power
8. Infernos Rage

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