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Hellhammer -Triumph Of Death pic disc


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Rare 1990 picture disc with insert. Limited to 333 numbered copies

The Triumph Of Death album includes 17 tracks that were recorded at the Grave Hill Bunker in Switzerland on June 10th of 1983. Theese tracks were then used for their second and third demo. Their second demo was called ‘Death Fiend’ and was released in just 20 copies to their closest friends. Their third demo ‘Triumph Of Death’ released a month later included 13 of the 17 tracks recorded during this session. This session was produced by Rol Fuchs. The song Triumph Of Deat’ appeared on every Hellhammer release, getting slower and longer on every recording.

Track list:
1. Angel Of Destruction-Death Fiend demo
2. Crucifixion-Triumph Of Death demo
3. Ready For Slaughter-Triumph Of Death demo
4. Death Fiend-Triumph Of Death demo
5. When Hell’s Near-Triumph Of Death demo
6. Chainsaw-Death Fiend demo
7. Sweet Torment-Death Fiend demo
8. Hammerhead-Triumph Of Death demo
9. Blood Insanity-Triumph Of Death demo
10. Reaper-Triumph Of Death demo
11. Maniac-Triumph Of Death demo
12. Triumph Of Death-Triumph Of Death demo
13. Bloody Pussies-Death Fiend demo
14. Power Of Satan-Triumph Of Death demo
15. Decapitator-Triumph Of Death demo
16. Dark Warriors-Triumph Of Death demo
17. Metallic Storm-Triumph Of Death demo

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