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Hello World -II MC


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French pressed music cassette. White casette with paper label. Limited 100 copies

In 2004 the two Hello World members meet for the first time in a small town just outside of Gothenburg. At that point playing hardcore with the aim to change society. Years passed and formation changed and eventually meeting up in the same city where it all started to create something new. The new formed electro duo was then working day and night to come up with the Hello World debut in 2013. The follow up album, Hello World II, came out a year later and makes a very serious statement. The EP is a product of discussions about how we humans live our lives. Why we make the decisions we do. And why so many of them are super irrelevant in the bigger picture. The picture where our planet pays the heavy price of our lifestyles and were many of the earthlings that live on it slowly disappears. The tracks carry the names of endangered animals and very fittingly the album starts with a ringing bell. The clock really strikes twelve soon for these animals if nothing changes. This chiptune album was made with an old gameboy, a forgotten amiga 500, a xylophone, tape recorders, a guitar and a dusty old piano. Overall a cool hybrid chiptune album.

Track list:
1. Honey Bee
2. Giant Panda
3. Hawksbill Turtle
4. Java Rhino
5. Kakapo
6. Wolf
7. Kakapo-Dubmood remix
8. Hawksbill Turtle-Zabutom remix
9. Honey Bee-Zap Holmes remix
10. Giant Panda-Eli remix

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