Helloween / Celtic Frost ‎–Walls Of Jericho lp [misspress]


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Misprint with one side Helloween and one side with Celtic Frost

Walls Of Jericho was a landmark album but one early American Combat pressing had a manufacturing error. Side one on the vinyl accidentally contained the music of Celtic Frost’s To Mega Therion, confusing many first-time Helloween listeners. This has since then become a highly regarded collectors item

Track list:
1. Celtic Frost -Innocence And Wrath
2. Celtic Frost -The Usurper
3. Celtic Frost -Jewel Throne
4. Celtic Frost -Dawn Of Meggido
5. Celtic Frost -Eternal Summer
6. Helloween -Metal Invaders
7. Helloween -Gorgar
8. Helloween -Heavy Metal (Is The Law)
9. Helloween -How Many Tears

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