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Helloween -I Want Out Live 12″


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Original 1989 press. Limited to 3000 numbered copies

A special German maxi single featuring two live tracks from the Live In The Uk album. The two tracks were recorded in late 1988 in Scotland, when Helloween were at the peak of their career and is the last recording featuring legendary guitarist and songwriter Kai Hansen. Sound-wise, these recordings are clear and punchy. A side is Kai Hansen swansong I Want Out while the B-side features How Many Tears. Michael Weikaths lengthy (9 minutes long) epic and really fast track, filled with double-bass drumming, which offers some great tempo changes. It starts of furiously with Ingo pounding his drums in insane speed, while never lifting his feet from the double-bass. Soon the vocals come in and the song really elevates to epic proportions. Emotional mid range vocals and perfectly clear and strong high pitched vocal delivery by Michael Kiske who sings lyrics surrounding warfare and human suffering. After the outstanding chorus a technical twin guitar solo commences which around the 3:40 minute mark brakes down to a very slow, wonderfully played harmonic part. Wonderfully executed and emotional guitar solos give way to a thunderous drum fill at 5:45 that brings back the initial speed of the song and keeps that pace until the melodic ending (this version of the song is considered a masterpiece amongst Helloween fans). Although all band members are in top form, especially guitarists Hansen and Weikath who play wonderfully showing all their wares, vocalist Michael Kiske is the star of the night! Throughout the whole concert his voice reaches to the heavens, hitting high-pitched notes with such emotion and precision, never heard before by any other singer in metal.

Track listing:
1. I Want Out-live
2. How Many Tears-live

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