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Helloween – Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 1-expanded edition


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2006 Remastered/Expanded edition. When talking about some of metal's most influential albums of all time, you'll hear names such as Black Sabbath, Paranoid, The Number of the Beast, Reign in Blood, Black Metal, Painkiller, and so many more. Each of these albums has helped shape metal into what it has become over the years. Each genre has its own ‘Bible album’, and power metal is no different. The beginnings of power metal are not at all difficult to trace. One of the very first artists of the fledgling genre was Helloween. The bands second album and the first with the new singer Michael Kiske was released in 1987. Originally, Keeper of the Seven Keys was meant to be a double album but the record label insisted that they be divided into two parts. Today, Keeper of the Seven Keys Pt 1 is regarded as not only one of power metal's first albums, but also one of its finest. Unsurprisingly, superb melodic leads can be found all throughout the album. The leads and harmonies are very effective in creating an upbeat atmosphere that is both catchy and memorable. Speed is another characteristic that factors into the album's impressive sound. Though there are plenty of faster bands out now a days, the sped up riffs are very infectious and memorable. Songs like I'm Alive, Twilight of the Gods, and the mega epic, Halloween, show off Helloween's impressive arsenal of riffs and leads. The aforementioned Halloween, a 13 minute long track, is quite possibly the best song the band has ever written, with only Keeper of the Seven Keys even remotely close. There is virtually nothing you can complain about with the song, save for the sketchy lyrics which don't look like they have much to do with each other. Hansen really struck gold with that song, as it perfectly exemplifies the attitudes of power metal, whether it is the numerous shredded solos, the fantasy lyrics, or the fast paced riffing. Great stuff. Helloween attempt a couple slower paced songs, the upbeat, happy sounding Future World, and the ballad, A Tale That Wasn't Right. Both these songs are excellent outings. Vocalist Michael Kiske was an excellent discovery for the band. Despite being the new kid on the block, he delivers a world class effort on Keeper of the Seven Keys Pt 1, an molded himself a reputation as one of metal's greatest singers. Despite apparently wanting to distance himself from the metal scene, not even Kiske himself could deny that the job he did on the album is nothing other than top notch. Keeper of the Seven Keys Pt 1 was a very important album in the world of metal and an essential must have album. Track listing: 1. Initiation 2. I’m Alive 3. A Little Time 4. Twilight Of The Gods 5. A Tale That Wasn’t Right 6. Future World 7. Halloween 8. Follow The Sign Bonus Tracks: 9. Victim Of Fate (Single b-side) 10. Starlight (Remix) 11. A Little Time (Alternative version) 12. Halloween (video edit)

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