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Helloween – Metal Jukebox


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Seminal power metal gods Helloween appear to have gotten rather bored after their amazing last album, Better Than Raw, and hence laid down an album full of recordings by other musicians. They crank out Scorpions, Jethro Tull, Beatles, Faith No More, and Cream songs, among others. First the surprises and successes. ABBA's "Lay All Your Love on Me," as strange as that sounds, comes across as a power metal radio ballad that carries a certain appeal with it, while they pour forth "White Room" by Cream with amazing, psychedelic sounding success. When they cover prog rock favorite Focus, and their endearing instrumental hit, "Hocus Pocus," with utter craziness and convincing success (complete with yodeling), one can't help but wonder if they are partaking in too many '70s extracurricular activities. When David Bowie, oops, I mean Andi Deris, sings "Space Oddity," you get a creepy feeling, because Deris appears possessed by the spirit of the man from Mars himself. Most of the songs work; those failing are the Beatles' "All My Loving," "Faith Healer" by Alex Harvey Band, and a few others. This album is fun, but like Blind Guardian's Forgotten Tales, it is not essential to the average listener. So if you are a diehard or just a sucker for cover albums then pop your money in the Metal Jukebox, kick back with a beer, and enjoy the party. Track Listing 1. He's a Woman-She's a Man 2. Locomotive Breath 3. Lay All Your Love on Me 4. Space Oddity 5. From Out Of Nowhere 6. All My Loving 7. Hocus Pocus 8. Faith Healer 9. Juggernaut 10. White Room 11. Mexican

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