Helloween -Rabbit Dont Come Easy dlp [orange]


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Orange vinyl with gatefold cover and three bonus tracks. Limited 300 copies

After well over a dozen albums, Helloween still has an impressive knack for grafting memorably anthemic choruses over full-throttle power metal. What’s more, their quieter, more melodic moments never dissolve into schmaltzy sentimentality (a mistake made too often by the band’s many followers); the ballad “Don’t Stop Being Crazy” has a certain pathos without being corny. The group’s chops are in top form on Rabbit Don’t Come Easy (aided by moonlighting Motorhead skinsman Mikkey Dee), but the quality of the songs is what leaves the strongest impression.

Track Listing
1. Just A Little Sign
2. Open Your Life
3. The Tune
4. Never Be A Star
5. Liar
6. Sun 4 The World
7. Don’t Stop Being Crazy
8. Do You Feel Good
9. Hell Was Made In Heaven
10. Back Against The Wall
11. Listen To The Flies
12. Nothing To Say
13. Far Away
14. Fast As A Shark-Accept cover
15. Sheer Heart Attack-Queen cover

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