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Helloween – The Time Of The Oath


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Despite the difficulties that had plagued them in recent years (including inconsistent albums, constant lineup changes, and even the suicide of founding drummer Ingo Schwichtenberg), German power metal kings Helloween had been gradually finding their way back to the glory of their early days with each succeeding release. And with their seventh album, 1996's The Time of the Oath, they pretty much arrived, delivering their best collection of songs in almost a decade and never straying from their patented Euro-metal formula. Come on, Helloween pretty much invented this stuff, and the hundreds of disciples they inspired into existence simply couldn't be wrong — this was still an important band. The Time of the Oath adds nearly nothing new to the group's well-established sound (quasi-thrash riffing, harmony guitars, piercing chorused vocals), yet — for the first time in years — they manage to steer clear of the pop-metal pitfalls, corny lyrics, and forced comedy that had sunk them in the first place. Melodic moshers like "We Burn," "Steel Tormentor," and the title track lead the way, but even occasional digressions into epic songwriting ("Mission Motherland") and power balladry ("Power") are much more effective than in recent efforts. Arguably the finest moment of the band's latter-day career, The Time of the Oath also offers a fond welcome back for old-school fans who had given up on Helloween. Track Listing 1. We Burn 2. Steel Tormentor 3. Wake Up The Mountain 4. Power 5. Forever And One (Neverland) 6. Before The War 7. A Million To One 8. Anything My Mama Don't Like 9. Kings Will Be Kings 10. Mission Motherland 11. If I Knew 12. The Time Of The Oath

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