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Hells Belles ‎–Barricades 12″


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Break ’em down, down the barricades
Break down…down the barricades

A sorta punk/glam mix n match looking heavy metal band from Warwickshire in England that tried to pass off their sound as rogue metal. Guitarist Peter Pooch Purtill was guitarist in seminal legends Discharge at the same time as he played with Hells Belles. Formed in 1983 but things really started to move a year or two later. Their self titled debut album was released in 1986 and it was heavily promoted, they appeared on the two Metal Killers Kollection albums by Castle Communication and label tried to push the Barricades single ontot he charts but things never took off and the band called it a day in 1987. Vocalist Paul Quigley re-acitved the band in 2008 more or less as a one man studio-only act. Barricades is a track that borrows some Raven-esque Take Control inflection and temperament (albeit softer-served) to spice up its chorus. The none album track, If It Dont Make Yer Ears Bleed (It Aint Rock N Roll), starts by sounding like a track dropped off from the Too Fast For Love album. It feels like a serious attempt to write a rock n roll anthem however the end result falls flat. But all is forgiven when the band is back on full speed and high on energy on the singles most striking track, Storm Breaks Loose. With more tracks like this then Hells Belles might have survived the competition

Track list:
1. Barricades
2. If It Dont Make Yer Ears Bleed (It Aint Rock And Roll)
3. Storm Breaks Loose

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