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Helltrain -Death Is Coming cd


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Swedish punk ass death rot n rollers Helltrain third album ‘Death Is Coming’ has finally arrived. This act from Lulea mixes the extreme aggression of Thrash and Death Metal with the melodic Rock n Roll approach and the end result is rather unique and most of all, brilliant. There aren’t that many bands out there that can combine the aggression and the melodies in such a fluid way. Every element of the music, oddly enough, meshes perfectly. I still remember the ride this Helltrain gave me when I first heard their debut single ‘The 666 EP’ back in the early months of 2004. The pure sonic mayhem that the tracks ‘Rot’n’Roll’, ‘Route 666’ and ‘Helltrain’ created was enough to get me hooked. If you haven’t been introduced to one of Sweden’s most intriguing formations ever then check out this album or any other Helltrain album because one thing is for sure. Metal doesn’t get much better than this

Track listing:
1. Juggernaut
2. Death Is Coming
3. Mr Cooger
4. Ghouls And Goblins
5. Beat By Beat
6. The Killer Come
7. Black Flame
8. Slay The Beast
9. Jisei
10. Leppings Lane

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