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Hemgraven ‎–Fysisk Fostran MC


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Still sealed Swedish pressed music cassette. Gold cassette with black text. Limited 100 copies

Most known for their releases Sanddyner Av Glas and Saudade, Hemgraven have been at it since 2011 with their experimental post-punk music. Drawing inspirations from their northern Swedish upbringing, their attempt becomes more grounded in those musical traditions – and not classic post-punk. Which means they mix in a slight notion of darkwave and other similar genres. At least that was true until Fysisk Fostran – their debut-album. Instead of delving further into that post-punk genre, they’ve decided to make a permanent impression on listeners by going experimental and including those elements plus an industrial touch to their overall sound. Those who have followed Hemgraven since long will not be disappointed by this release. Dabbling in themes of bodily anguish, and a homesickness which ultimately leads into an ambivalence to their home, their own insecurities masquerade in musical form and they open up about themselves in an honest but profound manner. The violinist Sara Parkman join in on the song Angkor Wat, which gives it a whole other touch. In general it is a very touching release and the emotional bearing on every track is enhanced in different ways, as they together form something unique in a new setting.

Track list:
1. Fysisk Fostran
2. En Storm
3. Angkor Wat
4. Skärvor
5. Efteråt
6. Genom Natten
7. Tinnitus
8. Stålbad
9. Förbrukat

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