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Hexenhaus -Dejavoodoo lp [green]


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Green vinyl with lyric insert. Limited 500 numbered copies

Universally acclaimed for its unequaled profusion of quality death metal bands throughout the 1990s, Sweden curiously yielded very few worthwhile contributions to the thrash metal wave that directly preceded it in the ’80s – Mezzrow and Hexenhaus being two of those rarities. Hexenhaus was formed in Stockholm, in 1987 from the ashes of Maninnya Blade. Helmed by guitarist Mike Wead (real name Mikael Wikstrom) they debuted in 1988 with the highly technical and surprisingly accomplished A Tribute To Insanity album. Two more albums followed, The Edge Of Eternity (1989) and Awakening (1991). These three albums showed that Hexenhaus definitely had its own style and they were most likely the most original Swedish speed/thrash metal band in their time. However death metal was the new big thing and the band morphed into Memento Mori between 1992 and 1997. After Memento Mori the band were reunited in 1997 and spawned the album, Dejavoodoo. This is a great album but you could question if its a Hexenhaus album or another Memento Mori album. It feels like a continuation of Songs For The Apocalypse Vol. 4 but without Messiah Marcolin. Not as doomy as Memento Mori and not as much thrash as Hexenhaus. Maybe it was easier for Wead to just release it under the Hexenhaus name then to release it under the Memento Mori name and piss of the unpredictable Marcolin. Hexenhaus 1997 didnt get anywhere and one of the main reason was that Mike Wead already had been caught up with Kim Bendex Petersen for both the Mercyful Fate and King Diamond acts. Fans of both Hexenhaus and Memento Mori should give this one a chance. It will be worth both your time and money.

Track list:
1. Dies Irae – Vredens dag
2. Reborn (At The Back Of Beyond)
3. Phobia
4. Nocturnal Rites
5. Dejavoodoo
6. From The Cradle To The Grave
7. Rise Babylon Rise

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