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High Priestess -S/t lp [blue]


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Blue vinyl with insert. Limited 30 copies

High Priestess is a heavy psych-doomy female power trio from Los Angeles, formed in 2016. This has elaborated crescendos very inspired riffs ,Katie and Mariana are chemically connected and i feel it pretty much. The vocals are ranging from clean to harsh and harmonic. They sing along too, which is great. Female voices are a little more a rarity in this genre. It’s mostly a man’s world. So when i can hear female vocals and …even better a female trio, that’s really getting my interest. It’s heavy, fuzzed out Stoner with amazing Psych ambiance. The album starts very slow with a fade in invitation to this new experience. I’m thrilled. Pounding drums , guitars that are very an initiation to trance and oriental inspiration. And then guitars are praying instruments to a planified elevation or spirit travel. All is taking place slowly till Mariana’s and Kaie’s voices works their way out to propulsive us to high levels. This song reminds me a lot of Al Cisneros, OM. Repeated riff that get through the mind while Megan’s drumming is hitting the skins to assure the energy get his path to our brain. What a good song it is! Overwhelming ambiance, such a great starter. When the album is over you’re thrilled. Its riff oriented and sound a lot the 70’s. Man they could have toured with Black Sabbath all over the fuzzy land. This is a promising debut that leaves us wanting more

Track list:
1. Firefly
2. Despise
3. Banshee
4. Take The Blame
5. Mother Forgive Me
6. Earth Dive

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