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Hildr Valkyrie -Revealing The Heathen Sun cd


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The history of this one woman band started back in 2003 with the creation of Hildr Valkyrie. The main idea of this project was to be created something unique and different from the usual metal scene. Hildr released two demos before she in 2007 started to work on her first full length album, Shield Brothers Of Valhalla, released in 2008 while her second album, Revealing The Heathen Sun, was released in 2017. The reason it took such a long time between the albums is due to the fact that she’s also involved with the international acts Folkearth and Folkodia as well. Revealing The Heathen Sun is a continuation of her debut album and it borders between heathen folk and folk metal. Hildr’s vocals are the primary reason for listening and she doesn’t disappoint and shows off a variety of styles. There are various choral parts along with the primary vocals which add immensely to the tracks, almost like another riff on top of the guitar riffs. I think the black metal vocal style was a big surprise for me as I don’t recall her employing this style previously and it works to much success when used in tracks like “Final Blot” and “My Oath”, this proves she can do it all. Overall this album flows better than the first album, the tracks are better structured and there are more defined guitar riffs. Revealing The Heathen Sun is an excellent return for Hildr Vaklyrie and hopefully it wont take another nine years before the next album.

Track list:
1. The Primordial Sky God
2. Over Lands, Mountains And Shade
3. We Are Heathens
4. Final Blot
5. The Runes Song
6. My Oath-2017 version
7. An Ode to All Father Odhinn-2017 version
8. Bringer Of Life, Bearer Of Fire
9. Sayings Of The Higher One
10. Summoning The Heathen Fire-with Runahild from Eliwagar
11. March To The Path for Walhall

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