Hobbs Angel Of Death -S/t lp


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Black vinyl with printed innersleeve and poster. Limited 400 copies

Peter Hobbs’ project gained some early fame as the other remarkable Australian thrash metal band besides Mortal Sin. The classic debut of Hobbs’ Angel Of Death is notably heavier than Mortal Sin albums, something very much in the vein of Slayer. But although the band are quite convincing in their delivery, musically this album is far from being innovative or comparable to even Slayer’s lesser efforts. Darren McMaster-Smith and Mark Woolley are the stars of this album for sure, with frenzied performances from both really making this work. Darren Smith was like the Aussie Dave Lombardo, really, and the thundering extended double kick/floor tom roll near the end of ‘Marie Antoinette’ shows this influence in bold relief. Even the thin and trebly production can’t hold him back as he tears through every song with vigor. Likewise for Woolley, his leads are both melodic and chaotic somehow as he shreds away with aplomb; he was a very good player with just the right amount of technical ability and aggression. Rather like a more structured and skilled Jeff Hannemann, actually. You can even hear Phil Gresik’s growling bass here and there, a rarity. Peter Hobbs himself sticks to rhythm and cranks out some good strong riffs with his raspy growling vocals over it, and his piercing scream right before the solo on ‘Satan’s Crusade’ will make you jump every time even if you expect it. I’d say this is worth hunting down if you would like to just hear some ripping thrash/death metal that makes no apologies for what it is in its gloriously over the top nature. It’s not perfect, but it’s damn good for what it is

Track listing:
1. Jack The Ripper
2. Crucifixion
3. Brotherhood
4. Journey
5. House Of Death
6. Satan’s Crusade
7. Lucifer’s Domain
8. Marie Antoinette
9. Bubonic Plague
10. Cold Steel

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HRR 577

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