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Holocaust -Live From The Raw Loud N Live Tour dvd


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This intense live concert by Nwobhm heavy metal band Holocaust was filmed in their hometown of Edinburgh, Scotland in 1981. Songs includes among others “Heavy Metal Mania” (cover by Gamma Ray), “The Small Hours” (covered by Metallica and the Meat Puppets) and “Death and Glory” (subsequently covered by Six Feet Under).

Track list:
1. No Nonsense
2. Push It Around
3. Death Or Glory
4. Bridge Of Impressions
5. Out My Book
6. Jirmakenyerut
7. Heavy Metal Mania
8. The Small Hours
9. Forcedown Breakdown
10. Lovin Feelin Danger
11. Cryin Shame
12. The Nightcomers
13. Smoking Valves
14. Long The Bell Will Toll
15. It Don’t Matter To Me

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