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Holocausto -Diario De Guerra MC


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Official InCoffin Production pressed cassette. Blue cassette with paper label. Limited 150 copies

Holocausto was one of the most brutal bands of the first Brazilian extreme metal generation. If you take a look at the classic Warfare Noise I compilation album its would be fair to say that Holocausto always came in second place to the more visual and arguably distinct punch of Sarcofago. Still the two groups managed to go different paths once they’d stop sharing the same drummer. After the classic Campo De Exterminio album it felt like the band had lost its identiy. First we had Blocked Minds that still were thrash metal but then it was that Voivod inspired Negatives and then ending with Tozago As Desimno which was an industrial album. The band would then split but would return in 2005 with another thrash album. In 2015 the band were reunited with the classic Campo De Exterminio line-up and did some gigs to celebrate the 30th anniversary of that album. The band then decided to go into the studio together and record Diario De Guerra their first album together for more than 30 years and the most impressive thing of all is that suddenly they start to sound like Holocausto of the old. This is a mix of hardcore punk and the 80’s death and thrash sound just like they were at the beginning while not sounding so primitive like they were in those early days. Its intense and mad and they are here to show the new kids on the block how pure nuclear 80s Brazilian extreme thrash metal shall sound. So if youre nostalgic and misses the times of those albums then you should try this one. Sure both the band and the technique has improved over the years but if you want Holocausto of the old then theres still nothing better than Diario De Guerra on the market.

Track list:
1. Intro
2. Holocausto
3. Refugiados / Solucao Final
4. Zona De Conflito (Faixa De Gaza)
5. Guerra Total Apocalipse
6. Simbolos Da Discordia
7. Intro
8. Diario De Guerra
9. Prisioneiro
10. Ocupacao Hostil
11. Pelotao Da Morte
12. Outro

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