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Holy Life -Knights In Satans Service cd


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Holy Life is a band from Lahti, Finland that debuted in in 2016 with their Down With The Lord EP. Jump forward 4 years and its time for the band to release their fourth release and their second full length album, Knights In Satans Service. Looking at the artwork and seeing three tracks you might expect another EP but make no mistake, this is a full length album. The magnum opus Halo Of Darkness, that ends the album, is a track with a running time over 20 minutes. The first thing that will struck you when the opening riffs sets in is the heaviness. Damn this is heavy. Almost like you think this will drag on like a funeral doom album but as soon as Av Vedenpää starts to sing you realize that this album is so much more. Holy Life is definitely walking in the path of Birmingham’s finest and the band that gave birth to the doom genre but its both slower and heavier and has a lot of buzz so mix in Electric Wizard and Corrosion Of Conformity, when COC is in their heaviest mood, and maybe you have an idea of what Holy Life can sound like. If you havent heard this band then check this out and dont miss the shows the band will do with The Obsessed in Sweden this autumn

Track list:
1. Fast Food Funeral
2. In War ( Fathers Bury Their Sons)
3. Halo Of Darkness

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