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Picture disc with one bonus track. Limited 666 copies

German thrash metal combo Holy Moses has been at it, with occasional interruptions, since 1980, a remarkably long time in a subgenre not known for its band longevity. Furthermore, the band has had comparatively little changeover, keeping lead singer Sabina Classen (yes, she’s a woman) throughout and only losing founding guitarist and primary songwriter Andy Classen prior to the recording of this album. What that means is that longtime Holy Moses fans will find the group’s tenth album just as satisfying as its many predecessors, but anyone who wasn’t impressed before won’t find their minds changed. Andy Classen’s departure isn’t entirely unexpected; since his ex-wife re-formed Holy Moses in 2000, he’s only been a part-time member primarily concerned with songwriting and production. However, it’s impressive that his departure is so little missed. The key songwriting partnership of guitarist Michael Hankel and bassist Ozzy Schroedy has gotten the band’s signature mixture of melodic power metal hooks and heavy unison riffing down cold. The occasional change-up — the near-ballad instrumental intro of “Space Clearing,” the hardcore-style chant-along chorus of “I Will” and a goofy hidden cover of the ’70s schlager classic “Im Wagen Vor Mir” by Henry Valentino — provides a necessary breather between the pleasantly brutal pummeling of the rest of the album.

Track listing:
1. Angel Cry
2. End Of Time
3. Symbol Of Spirit
4. Examination
5. I Will
6. Space Clearing
7. Sacred Crystals
8. Lost Inside
9. Death Bells II
10. Rebirthing
11. Seasons In The Twilight
12. Say Goodbye

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