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2013 re-issue of this 1972 album. Double album on black vinyls with gatefold cover and 10 bonus tracks

Texan band Homer recorded a rare psychedelic-progressive rock album in 1970 for the United Record Artist label, Grown In U.S.A.. Sometimes there’s similarity to early-70s British progressive rock in the occasional Mellotron, the multi-sectioned song structures, and the dynamic instrumentation. There are country and folkier touches (including steel guitar), though, which were rare in such British music, sometimes leaving a slight odd feeling of hearing Neil Young (an influence especially audible on “Dawson Creek”) intersect with Yes and the Moody Blues.

“A Texas private press classic that spans several early 70s genres but still manages to sound like a coherent, personal work. A strong played melodic rock trip somewhat like Mothers Tuckers YEllow Duck” – Patrick Lundborg Acid Archives

Track list:
1. Circles In The North
2. Taking Me Home
3. Dawson Creek
4. Survivor
5. In The Beginning
6. Loves Coming
7. Four Days And Nights Without You
8. Cyrano In The Park
9. Lonely Woman
10. I Never Cared For You
11. Dandelion Wine
12. Texas Lights
13. On The Wall
14. Sunrise
15. Lonely Woman-demo
16. Survivor-demo
17. Loves Coming-demo
18. Circles In The North-demo
19. Send An Omen-demo

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