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Hong Faux –Hello Neptune 10″


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10” single on black vinyl

Hong Faux is a heavy rock band born in Stockholm, Sweden back in 2010. Their six track EP Hello Neptune clocks in at just under 25 minutes. The thing starts with hardrock and pop appeal and then goes with the last two tracks in the direction of Stoner n Psychrock. This is well-written, grand rock songs with stoner riffs as their base and singer Nik Serén is backed by bassist Johan Bergqvist’s vocals and the two creates magnificent choruses and effective verses. So if you like desert acts such as Fu Manchu and Kyuss but dont mind if the band sometimes incorporate pop or grunge into the mix then check this out.

Track list:
1. A.T.S
2. Coming Through The Rye
3. Dream Machine
4. Hello Neptune
5. Valar Morghulis
6. The Big Bang

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