Horisont -Odyssey dlp [blue]


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2015 press on blue vinyls with gatefold cover and lyric insert. Limited 500 copies

Originally considered a little brother band to fellow Swedes Witchcraft and Graveyard, Horisont already proved themselves to be a top tier band by their third album, Time Warriors (2013). Odyssey builds upon some of the proggy space-rock leanings of the last album, and finds inspiration in pulp sci-fi space sagas, but not as a cohesive concept. Yet even on the 10:46 opening title track featuring synths and long instrumental passages, there’s always some furious riffage around the corner like Yes beefed up with muscular solos worthy of prime Michael Schenker. Every swaggering guitar-loaded track triggers positive flashbacks to the likes of Rush, Thin Lizzy, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, while the album wraps up with one of their most inspired, haunting creations, “Timmarna,” sung in Swedish, which hearkens back to their debut Två Sidor Av Horisonten (2009), based on their more Swedish oriented proto-metal and psych prog roots. From their earthy blues psych to space camp, they’ve mastered it all, emerging as a magnificent band who would be appreciated by Kadavar’s fans if they’d tour.

Track listing:
1. Odyssey
2. Break The Limit
3. Blind Leder Blind
4. Bad News
5. Light My Way
6. The Night Stalker
7. Flying
8. Back On The Streets
9. Beyond The Sun
10. Red Light
11. Stader Brinner
12. Timmarna

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