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Horizon –The Skys The Limit cd


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Horizon was an international melodic progressive power metal act formed in 1998 by two French and two German musicians. Thanks to the strength of their music the band landed a deal with Massacre Records. Their debut album, The Skys The Limit, arrived in 2002 and their second and final album Worlds Apart two years later. When the band fell apart. bass player Bruno J Frank and guitarist and vocalist Patrick Hemer continued to play together in Hemer’s progg metal solo project, simply called Patrick Hemer. This debut album features some melodic power metal with thick keyboard lines. Guitarist and vocalist Patrick Hemer really shines on this album, both when it comes to his impressive guitar playing skills and his memorable Klaus Meine and Timo Kotipelto like voice. Hemer sings with emotion while still being able perform an intricate solo. Theres also some Yngwie J Malmsteen guitar shredding. Unfortunately Horizon arrived a little bit to late on the, at the time, overcrowded power metal scene and after the second release it felt like the power metal trend was over. Fans of power metal can check this out as there are plenty of things you will like on this album.

Track list:
1. Sunset
2. Freedom
3. Living In Danger
4. Keep On Fighting
5. Don’t Hide In The Shadow
6. Hometown Star
7. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
8. Atlantis
9. So Long Ago
10. Caught In The Middle
11. The End

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