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Hortus Animae –The Blow Of Furious Winds cd/dvd


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Digipak version that comes with a making of dvd as bonus

Hortus Animae is a progressive black metal band from Italy featuring Ancient drummer Diego Grom Meraviglia. It was they were opening for the cult Norwegian black metal band Ancient in Padova (Italy), that the band developed a friendship with their drummer Grom, who soon after joined the band out of admiration for their work and made it his primary side-project. Their third and most evolved concept album The Blow Of Furious Winds was released in May 2005. The band has since achieved cult status within the extreme metal underground, partly due to their secretive live appearances, but mainly due to their unique and eclectic blend of styles and cover songs. Their music drew from 1970s progressive rock, gothic, classical and ambient… All blended with their original form of death/black metal. They incorporated instruments such as piano, viola, violin, mandolin, synth, and very diverse vocal styles into their music. Hortus Animae was nominated as best emerging band and best Italian album of the year in the polls of the top Italian magazine Metal Maniac in 2005.

Track list:
1. Furious Winds / Locusts
2. The Mud And The Blood / Funeral Nation
3. The Heartfelt Murder
4. The Virgin Whore
5. In Adoration Of The Weeping Skies-vocals by Grom
6. Across The Sea Of Pain
7. Bible Black
8. A Gothic Ghost / The Death Of All Beauty
9. Garden Of Fairies
10. The Fairy Feller’s Master-Stroke / Nevermore
11. Summoning Of The Muse-vocals by Liv Kristine

Dvd track list:
1. The Making Of The Blow Of Furious Winds-enhancement

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