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House Of Broken Promises –Twisted mcd


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House Of Broken Promises is an Indio, CA based desert-stoner rock/metal band consisting of guitarist Arthur Say (Unida, ApeSh!t), bassist/vocalist Joe Mora (HDR, Street Drugs Pete Yorn) and drummer Mike Cancino (Unida, Lynch Mob). Formed from the ashes of Unida (which also featured John Garcia of Kyuss fame), House Of Broken Promises is a pure shot of classic hard rock, stoner rock and metal. They debuted with Using The Useless in 2009, released a live album in 2014 and then this EP, Twisted, in 2017. The band has some bombastic drum beats, gritty rock vocals, thundering bass and guitars with high octane fueled riffs and screaming solos. Composing songs dealing with social instability, political corruption, vices and apocalyptic prophecies. This band is a pure stoner power trio

Track list:
1. Twisted
2. Tornado
3. The Stroke
4. Lady Evil
5. Panzram
6. Straight Jacket
7. The Hurt (Paid My Dues)

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