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Huata ‎–Atavist Of Mann cd


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The occult doom act Huata, form France, play a truly haunting and spell-binding blend of stoner, sludge, drone doom metal mixed with amazing psych based rock. This is becoming quite popular to great bands like Ghost and Ancient Vvisdom. If you’re into Church Of Misery, Ghost, Ancient Vvisdom, Electric Wizard and Ramesses well you’re going to love this band. As Huata play the same bleak type music but add a superb psych drone metal vibe to proceedings. Their astonishing debut full length record – Atavist Of Mann is a 6-song 62 minute masterclass in occult driven sludge doom full of hypnotic riffs and sublime ambient vocals littered through out the albums running time. Three of the tracks run past the 12 and 15 minute mark and it’s these tracks where this album really comes to life. With the tracks showcasing brilliant riffs, vocals and lyrics to match. If you’re into epic heavy albums then Atavist Of Mann will blow you away like it did with me.

Track list:
1. Lords Of The Flame
2. Operation Mistletoe
3. Thee Imperial Wizard
4. Part I : Testis Sum Capri
5. Part II : Templars Of The Black Sun
6. Fall Of The IVth

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