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Human Zoo –My Own God cd


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Five years passed between Eyes Of A Stranger and My Own God but for fans of the hard rock band Human Zoo from Balingen it should be worth it. It feels like a fine continuation of Eyes Of A Stranger. The band continues to deliver melodic and well-crafted Euro hard rock with strong emphasis to big melodies, memorable choruses and powerful performances. Former Bonfire member Chris Lausmann has done a superb production job so as I said. Fans of the bands previous work need to get this one as it will be proven that it was worth the wait. Fans of early Gotthard should also take notice.

Track list:
1. One Direction
2. Cry Baby Cry
3. Love Train
4. A Day To Remember
5. My Own Illusion
6. NSA
7. Like A Bitch
8. 4U
9. Solitaire
10. Wave Your Flag
11. Reminds Me Of You

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