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Hungry Touch ‎–Shake The System cd


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Hailing from the U.K. and having released only a 3-track EP back in 1988, Hungry Touch was one of most qualitative NWOBHM bands ever, featuring fantastic musicians and one of the best British hard rock and metal singers of the time, Sion Rogers. Their highly acclaimed “System” EP is now finally back to the surface. Aside from the 3 classic EP tracks, the album will feature 8 bonus tracks taken from demos and live shows of the band. This re-issue also features a 16-page booklet loaded with lyrics, liner notes, band story and vintage 80’s photos. Get ready to experience one of the best kept secrets of U.K., a band with immortal classics like “Riding High”, “(She’s Got) The Hungry Touch” etc. that deserved a lot more and could have made it really big back in the day.

Track Listing:
1. Riding High
2. (Shes Got) The Hungry Touch
3. Shake The System
4. Look To The Sky
5. Light Or Shade
6. Need Your Lovin
7. Baby
8. Steak Out
9. Gutter Crab
10. No Place To Hide
11. Movin On Blues

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