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Hunters Moon -The Serpents Lust mlp [red]


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Red vinyl with lyric insert. Limited 100 copies

Black metal bands from down under seem to be making waves in the international music scene. Hunters Moon, a two-man project with a session drummer, is one of these who has broken out of the Southern Hemisphere and brought their music up North. Formed by members of the bands Nocturnal Grave and Denouncement Pyre, Hunters Moon tries to stay firmly in the realm of black metal but adds a slight black thrash element for flavouring. The Serpents Lust is the bands debut EP and its a very nostalgic one, clearly taking a heady music influence from the band Bathory, the only exception being that this is more so about demons, lyrically, then it is of vikings and other such related topics. But, how good is the band’s material, considering it consists of one intro track, and even a cover song, leaving only four originals to make an impact on the listener. Well the mixing of Bathory and Deströyer 666 dominates through tracks like “A Light In The Abyss” and the title track “The Serpents Lust”, being black metal in name but far from typically black metal in nature. The performance may not be ground-breaking but with the length of the EP as it is tracks like these carry enough weight to warrant their very existence, still being very much listenable and a few spins of the EP. Unlike Morrigan who made the career choice to closely stick to the Bathory sound, Hunters Moon are more than mere clones of the Swedish God, a fact which is best marked in the closing “Last Rites”, a short Primordial influenced instrumental that could lead the band down an intriguing direction should they decide to exploit this feeling further on future releases. “The Serpents Lust” EP doesn’t want for much and doesn’t take much in return, but in it’s very simplistic nature and quasi-Bathory ways its retains an endearing element, giving me the sense that I like it more than it’s actual merited worth

Track list:
1. Deadly Paradise
2. A Light In The Abyss
3. The Ravens Swoon
4. Baphomet-Angel Witch cover
5. The Serpents Lust
6. Last Rites

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