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Hypocrisy ‎–Osculum Obscenum MC


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Official cassette. Red cassette with white text. Limited 250 copies

This sophomore effort followed Hypocrisy’s strong debut, Penetralia, and featured even more brutal death metal from one of Sweden’s finest practitioners of the genre. Obsculum Obscenum reveals a focused band building momentum while attempting to define a genre that would dominate European metal for a decade. Hypocrisy simply shreds on this 1993 Nuclear Blast recording, especially during highlights like Exclamation Of A Necrofag and Attachment To The Ancestor. Obsculum Obscenum treads dangerously close to black metal territory here with some over the top vocals and anti-religious lyrical sentiments, but overall, guitarist/bandleader Peter Tagtgren’s attachment to the Florida death metal sound rings through, creating a fine Nordic metal amalgam. With Emperor Magus Caligula from Dark Funeral/God Among Insects on vocals. As is true for most of this band’s recordings, serious metal fans should enjoy Obsculum Obscenum’ unapologetic commitment the Swedish death metal genre.

Track listing:
1. Pleasure Of Molestation
2. Exclamation Of A Necrofag
3. Osculum Obscenum
4. Necromonicon
5. Black Metal-Venom cover
6. Inferior Devotees
7. Infant Sacrifices
8. Attachment To The Ancestor
9. Althotas

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