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Hypocrisy ‎–Penetralia MC


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Official cassette. Blue cassette with white text.

In the end of the 80s, early 90s, Peter lived in the US and joined Malevolent Creation for a while. He was heavily influenced by the American death metal scene after he came back to Sweden and when he started Hypocrisy he adopted the straight-to-vein Satanist atmosphere. He wrote the first demo himself ‘Rest In Pain’ and a few of thoose tracks where later reworked for the debut album ‘Penetralia’ that was released in 1992. The debut album with its vocals by Magus Caligula from Dark Funeral/God Among Insects is one hell of a sinister album, scary, creepy, deep, blasphemous and it’s the album that started it all. A must have for all you extreme metal lovers.

Track listing:
1. Impotent God
2. Suffering Souls
3. Nightmare
4. Jesus Fall
5. God Is A …
6. Left To Rot
7. Burn By The Cross
8. To Escape Is To Die
9. Take The Throne
10. Penetralia

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