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Hypocrisy -Into The Abyss lp [orange]


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2023 re-issue on orange vinyl

The follow-up to the minor self-titled comeback effort of a year earlier, ‘Into The Abyss’ might feature a somewhat distracted Hypocrisy on the downward end of its creative journey, but the band still smolders on this 2000 Nuclear Blast effort, refusing to allow much if any distance to appear between itself and the best Scandinavian metal outfits. Starting off with some the most furious Hypocrisy tracks in years, ‘Into The Abyss’ avoids all subtlety as the straight-ahead death metal of ‘Legions Descend’ and ‘Blinded’ sets a furious standard for the following eight tracks to uphold. This energy is maintained for the most part as the band churns through some of its fastest material in years. Besides those already mentioned, other standouts include the full-on death metal of ‘Digital Prophecy’ and ‘Total Eclipse’. Some consider this to be one of their best albums while others considered this to be the point where the band’s subsequent releases deteriorated in quality.

Track listing:
1. Legions Descend
2. Blinded
3. Resurrected
4. Unleash The Beast
5. Digital Prophecy
6. Fire In The Sky
7. Total Eclipse
8. Unfold The Sorrow
9. Sodomized
10. Deathrow (No Regrets)

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