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Hypocrisy -S/t dlp [green]


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2023 re-issue on green vinyls with gatefold cover

Back from the bowels of metal limbo comes the mighty Hypocrisy with their self-titled masterpiece. The Final Chapter was supposed to bid the metal community adieu, but it seems that the tremendous impact of that album has brought Peter Tagtgren and company out for another go. Crafting and delivering a slew of brand new, megalithic guitar and bass riffs, Hypocrisy has created a release that is 100 percent pure organic metal (to quote the scholarly Mr. Schuldiner). From the opener, Fractured Millennium to the galloping Iron Maidenish Fusion Programmed Minds one sees them as a changed band. Focusing primarily on writing infectious, catchy songs based around heavy, distorted, distinct melody patterns and simplified drum/bass beats, Hypocrisy’s sound has completely gelled. The solos in Reversed Reflections sound like an updated version of Maiden’s Wasted Years except it’s bigger and, dare say, better. Truly though, the cornerstone of this mammoth release is certainly Elastic Inverted Visions with its gliding, bombastic guitar crunch and harmonized chorus. Seek this out at all costs.

Track listing:
1. Fractured Millennium
2. Apocalyptic Hybrid
3. Fusion Programmed Minds
4. Elastic Inverted Visions
5. Reversed Reflections
6. Until The End
7. Paranormal Mysteria
8. Time Warp
9. Dissconnected Magnetic Corridors
10. Paled Empty Sphere
11. Selfinflicted Overload

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