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I Glädjens Tecken vhs


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The blond and sweet 16-year old Lena comes from the rural Seeland to find her happiness in Copenhagen, Denmark. Soon she lives in a brothel and for the first time in her life she enjoys sexual pleasures and meets many older gentlemen to guide her.

I Glädjens tecken / Bordellen / The Best Bit of Crumpet in Denmark from 1972 by Ole Ege with Lonny Feddersen, Ingerlise Gaarde, Gotha Andersen, Leni Kjellander, Sune Pilgaard, Palle Arestrup, Marianne Nilsson, Conny Nielsen och Lisbeth Olsen. This movie became famous also for the fact that Simon Spies spontaneously stripped after the premiere of the film.

Swedish edition. Danish sound and Swedish subtitles. Prisma Film och Video