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Slovenian thrash/metal-core band I vs. I has spent most of the past two years conquering many stages, also won the famous Slovenian band-competition Sourock 2009. In 2010 they were chosen to support Ill Nino which was a great experience. Their music is heavy and melodic, based on pure instrumental aggression, combined with full-on heavy vocals and catchy choruses. I vs. I, featuring the formidable and heavy vocal of Tim Kores, shredding and powerful six-string adroitness of Ales Mauric, the pounding distortion assault of Luka Novak, the massive instrumental groove of bassist David Cucek and intimidating, relentless rhythms of Mihaela Kotnik, band’s backbone. With a lifetime of classic metal inspiration behind them, I vs. I is an impressive and strong voice for the energetic young metal generation. It’s important for us, that people can relate and make a connection with our music, says the front-man, for example, hard-hitting metal slammer – first single Take this fall is all about being under a great pressure of living by new world’s system, or someone, or eventually being your own kidnapper, which leads you to do something extremely wrong, opposite of yourself, in the act of losing your mind, later surrounded by great regrets. I believe people can relate to that, says Kores. Since the band released demo album Die-Verse in early 2009, we turned up to another level with a girl-drummer Mihaela Kotnik. She came in the band in September of 2009, until then things are moving up. All songs on upcoming album are better, harder and more sincere. These five musicians are more and more considered as serious emerging band. There are a lot of things to be set in the right direction. We always try to give our best thou we are very ambitious, motivated and wouldn’t be able to do anything without support of our fans and friends, says Kori.

Track list:
1. The Dirge
2. Mistress Of Death
3. Red Handed
4. Black In Bloom
5. All Day Insane
6. Thorn A Venue
7. Mares Nest
8. Chapter Trinity
9. Fall From Grace
10. Weaker Blamed
11. Take This Fall

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