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Icecross -S/t cd


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Rare cd release from 2002

Denmark in the autumn of 1972, the club Revolution in Copenhagen was the place to listen to live music, all the latest and freshest. Usually it was rather bland stuff, but one night there was this amazing rock band, so amazing that most were left gaping and staring Icecross hard as nails and supertight. When the boys had finished playing they mingled with the audience, having a beer or perhaps lighting up a pipe. It turned out they were Icelanders living in Kristiania with big dreams fully justified judging from their performance that night. Kristiania, was the free state that held the promise of a better world where everyone was equal, providing according to available resources, partaking as needed. The members of Icecross were: Axel Einarsson(guitar and vocals), Omar Oskarsson (bass, vocals) and Asgeir Oskarsson (drums, vocals). The probably celebrated the one year anniversary of Kristiania gathered around a great bonfire and promised to turn the Free State into a model of cooperation, togetherness and solidarity a sort of primal Christianity. Then they recorded an album at the Rosenberg Studios in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1973. The band however seems to have grown tired of the struggle abroad and wanted to go back home. The recorded they made in Denmark was then released in a limited run of 1000 copies on vinyl and released in Iceland only. Icecross deliver great heavy and dark hard rock with some searing fuzzed leads and also some progressive and almost psychedelic moments. One of the stand out tracks of the album is Jesus Freaks, perhaps the most prominent and heaviest on the album. It starts with the lines of “I met some freaks of Jesus Christ during the last weeks of July, some disgusting people”. The songs than features some harking solos cry over semi-doomy riffs that are infiltrated by feral drum work that plays like a jigsaw puzzle launched into the air, making way for lungs now severe and wailing compared to the initial tracks. If theres one thing youll remember more than the others about this album, itïs the chorus “They believe in Jesus, we believe in us, they believe in Jesus, we believe in ourselves”. For being 1973 its really heavy and it should belong in any respectable hard rock collectors stash. All tracks are self-composed and sung in English and they published the album themselves calling it Icecross Records.

Track list:
1. Solution
2. A Sad Mans Story
3. Jesus Freaks
4. Wandering Around
5. 1999
6. Scared
7. Nightmare
8. The End

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