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Iced Earth -Stormrider shape


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Shaped picture disc with inlay. Limited 500 copies

The two tracks on this shaped picture disc was taken from Iced Earth 1991 album Night Of The Stormrider. That album was a concept album with a mystical, horrific story line. It traces the path of a man who is betrayed by religion and turns away from it in anger. The dark forces of nature reach out to this enraged man and use him as their vessel to bring death and destruction to Earth. Through it all, he feels no remorse for his deeds, and upon reaching the end, numbly accepts his fate of eternity in Hell. Musically, the band picked up a new singer and drummer for this album. The singing is a definite improvement from the debut, ranging from a powerful growl to a Halford-like scream. Such skill is necessary to portray the wide range of feeling on the album.

Track listing:
1. Stormrider
2. Angels Holocaust

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